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With the entire world on its toes, the 2009 bi-annual World Beard and Moustache Contest kicked off on Friday in Anchorage, Alaska. The American team who was hosting the event for the second time this decade had lofty goals going into the weekend. When the smoke cleared the United States emerged as the new world facial hair super power sweeping twelve of eighteen categories. With home field advantage the US dethroned the German team who had dominated the competition since its inception. Home town hero David Traver took top honors in the freestyle section and the overall championship with a beard resembling an Alaskan snowshoe. Germany’s Karl-Heinz Hill took second place with a well groomed tusk-styled moustache and San Francisco’s Jack Passion took third with his long red natural beard. Winners received trophies resembling a gold pan . Around 300 competitors from 15 countries competed in the 2009 contest. Germany came in a close second with 17 over all medals. Other countries who found their way to the podium were: England, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Canada. Rhetoric would like to acknowledge all the competitors at the WBMC for their hard work and dedication. The next competition will be held in Trondheim, Norway in 2011.


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